Monday, July 7, 2008

A Hot Dog and Mac & Cheese Kinda Night

I try really hard to do the right thing. Really hard. A lot of the time i just fall flat on my face trying too hard. Keeping the kids engaged and eating healthy are two big priorities, of course. Sometimes, though, I am tired and the kids are tired and whiney. Like tonight. But tonight I knew ahead that things were about to turn bad. That I was probably going to start yelling and the kids would be sent to their rooms. I didn't let this happen. I just let everyone chill tonight. I let go of all my expectations, made my kids favorite meal, and let them watch a movie. I guess all I am trying to say is that sometimes just letting it go for once is the right thing. I do need to think of better ways we can all relax and calm down when we get like this. If anyone is reading this I would love some ideas!

I signed up for Tour de Fleece. I started spinning a few months back with a Spindle kit I got from Hello Yarn. Quality spinning is of course not my goal at this point but I haven't even even practiced in at least a month. One of the Tour de Fleece goals is to spin every day, but I really need my goal a little bit more realistic for me. So, my goal is to spin at least twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my target days, but twice a week is all I am after. My secondary goal is to finish the wool I already started. Here's hoping!

I have been scrapping again. I am now a member of the Lime Tart Design Team. Used my first kit this weekend and loved it! I am also now a member of the Odd Bird Planet Design Team. Absolutely fabulous rubber stamps there! And a benefit is working with several of the ladies from the Self-Addressed Design Team. So many new and exciting things happening that I will post about in the future!

And just because she is adorable and it's a reminder of why I do most everything I do...

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